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About me

My name is Tekla Utterström. Im an artist, a lover of rainbow colors, and a believer in the magic that is in the unseen and in each and everyone of us.

I believe in that creativity is a doorway for transformation, healing and empowerment, and we are all creators, art is not only for the “talented”.

I live Järna with my beloved daughter Ebba-Sol, and originally I come from a little village called Akkavare in south Lapland, in the northern part of Sweden.

There in the vast landscape with endless forests and silence, I grew up amongst creative women, in a world where fairytales, dreams, art and an openess for the unseen was part of my daily life. One of theese women was my grandmother, that was a fantastic artist, storyteller, a magic being and one of the biggest inspirations in my life.

I have always been sensitive and open, with lots of encounters with the unseen worlds. As a 4 year old or so, I used to share stories about my past life in detail, and as very young, I could sometimes hear peoples thoughts as clear as it was their voices, and I had lots of precognitive dreams. I also knew since around I was 7 years old I would have a daughter named Ebba in the future, and I had lots of contact with her before she actually came into life.

I was always given space to be myself and I cannot remember anyone that ever questioned me in if what I saw or experienced was true or not. This has been a great blessing in my life to be accepted and respected for who I am and has shaped me to become who I am today.

For as long as I can remember creativity has been natural to me, and it has taken many different forms through my life.

I feel like I´ve always painted, although I´ve never went to art school, it is a lifelong learning process, and an inner journey Being creative is my path in life and I honor it deeply.

In 2015 I started taking online classes with Flora Bowley, a great inspiration and guide, and then there was a great shift and transformation happening for me, I started to paint every day, and sold more and more paintings, and decided to take the step to become a fulltime artist.

Recently I found another guide and teacher, Shiloh Sophia, and after some deep amazing online classes with her, I am 2019 taking her Colorofwoman teacher training and following my dream to be a guide and inspiration for others.

Warmly welcome to follow me on and inspiring colorful journey

With Love// TeklaU

Bild: Iben Snebang