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Liv Stjärnemor


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Liv Stjärnemor

Tekla Utterström

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It s november and here in Sweden it gets really really dark, sometimes heavy and hard to deal with for some of us. I light as many candles as possible at home, and when its a clear sky I love watching the star sisters up there.

One afternoon recently , I got this song in my head and its the first one of 12 songs and pictures I am going to share with you.

Its in swedish. About resting in your mothers belly. Where there is a whole universe inside. Also its about resting in the star mothers universe. Its about feeling held. For those of you who are not swedish speaking, just listen, you will feel it.

About ten years ago me and my sister, painted for one month together, we stayed at my home, and I guess it must have been just as dark as it is now, but I remembered it with so much light and love. My sisters youngest daughter was with us and I just loved that time with them.

We made 12 small “filur” paintings together, we took turns and painted both of us on each canvas and afterwards words came to me, which I put into text, and then my beautiful friend Karolina Duraffourd put music to them and it became a beautiful sisterly creation.

Its been ten years almost, and this is the first time I am able to share this with you all. I think its a nice song to listen to in the dark afternoons.

I hope you enjoy it. More songs and pictures will come.

Lots of love to you all, and light in the darkness.

XO// Tekla