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Sacred Heart Sisters a heart project


It all started when…

I have known for quite some time that there was an oracle card deck wanting to be created through me, and since my sister paintings kept on coming I knew they wanted to be shared in a broader way, but it wasn´t until december 2017 it came very clear. My brother had just decided to leave this life and I was in grief and feeling very lost. I was travelling at the time, spending christmas away from my then 5 year old daughter with this two facts you could say I was in quite a dark place this holiday. I needed guidance. And I needed sisters. I also had lots of thoughts about how I should have been a better sister to my brother. I felt I wanted to do something. To turn this loss into something useful. To give something back. Maybe I could be of support to others.

I started to make sketches of sisters and found a red thread of joy and light. Suddenly I just knew I was going to make a card deck of sisters. I knew I wanted texts written in english and from a deep place within. And I knew I would not write them myself, and asked for guidance inside of who the writer was; and after less than a second the answer-Ben Bushill, came to me.

I was deeply touched by the thought and asked this amazing poet and writer, and beautiful human being, heartbrother, in a mail. I was more than happy when he answered yes!

And the journey began. I came home and started to send Ben emails with some pictures of sisters I already had painted. In just the right timing emails would come back with the sisters messages and touch my heart very deeply. I painted some more, and emailed them, and new messages came back. All intuitively. Every time straight into my heart. This kept on going for one year and when the circle was full, 44 sisters had finally come together to become the Sacred Heartsisters oracle card deck.

Thank you for taking your time and reading the story about this heart project, I am so happy to share this with you and the world.

XOXO// Tekla