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Liv Stjärnemor

Tekla Utterström

Liv stjärnemor.jpg

It s november and here in Sweden it gets really really dark, sometimes heavy and hard to deal with for some of us. I light as many candles as possible at home, and when its a clear sky I love watching the star sisters up there.

One afternoon recently , I got this song in my head and its the first one of 12 songs and pictures I am going to share with you.

Its in swedish. About resting in your mothers belly. Where there is a whole universe inside. Also its about resting in the star mothers universe. Its about feeling held. For those of you who are not swedish speaking, just listen, you will feel it.

About ten years ago me and my sister, painted for one month together, we stayed at my home, and I guess it must have been just as dark as it is now, but I remembered it with so much light and love. My sisters youngest daughter was with us and I just loved that time with them.

We made 12 small “filur” paintings together, we took turns and painted both of us on each canvas and afterwards words came to me, which I put into text, and then my beautiful friend Karolina Duraffourd put music to them and it became a beautiful sisterly creation.

Its been ten years almost, and this is the first time I am able to share this with you all. I think its a nice song to listen to in the dark afternoons.

I hope you enjoy it. More songs and pictures will come.

Lots of love to you all, and light in the darkness.

XO// Tekla

Gifts from the heart

Tekla Utterström

Warmly welcome to my site, and to my first blogpost in my life. Here I will share about my journey in the world of creativity, with the intention to awaken your own lust to create and also just to spread happy vibes. This first story is small and at the same time grand and it wants to be shared.

Christmas is getting closer and I am reflecting över the crazy big consumtion society we live in, and which gifts we are giving that really really mean something.

One day a long time ago, in 1946 my grandfather found this heartshaped stone somewhere in the landscape of the northern parts of Sweden, or maybe you could say the opposite, that the stone found my grandfather.

He was a man of few words, bitter and sour, and kind of mystical. I know he would sometimes read my mind, and I always had the feeling he was very special. He spent lots of time in nature, and found the most magical stones that Ive never even seen in that parts of the country, he also made braids of sweetgrass that we would get as gifts, mine is still hanging on a very special place, still holding that sweet fragrance 40 years later.

I was given this beauty of a stone in 1978 when I was 2 years old, and I was allowed to paint on it. What a happy moment! And already at that time, it was rainbows that came out of me, and the stone was beautiful and highly loved in this attire.
35 years later an accident happened when a wet cloth by accident ruined the color on the stone, since the colors wasn’t waterproof they faded away quickly.

It took me some years before I dared to take my paint brushes and paint the stone again, and it was as if I could feel its happiness by getting this new attire and love. I love and honor this stone, the heritage from my grandfather that I will pass on to my daughter one day.

It feels grand and that this stone has chosen to be important for us, a gift that has meant more than all the things I have ever gotten as christmas gifts so far.

What gifts are you giving this christmas that really really mean something?

I wish you all a beautiful christmas, full of magical moments and remember just being YOU is the most beautiful of gifts to this world

XO// Tekla

Bild: Iben Snebang

Bild: Iben Snebang